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Christophe LEDON
Vehicular Accident Reconstructionist - Road Safety Expert
+33 69 8 31 92 00

began his career in 1993 in road safety and crash analysis at the European center of studies on safety and risk analysis CEESAR-France

President of the GEAR Association - Group of Experts in Road Accidentology

EVU Member European Association for Accident Research and Analysis.

SAE Member Society of Automotive Engineers

Work experience

Vehicular Accident Reconstructionist (VAR) / Road Safety Expert
Self-employed, 2006-today
Orvaux, France

  • Required as judicial expert by police forces, judges, prosecutors to analyze and reconstruct fatal accidents
  • .
  • Road safety audit in Africa
  • of National Roads and Highways in Senegal (3700km) - Mission for TRANSECOR supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Undenralty of Senegal (2019)
  • Road safety audit of the Kumba-Mamfe road (150km) - Mission for CONSIA Consultants supported by the Ministry of Transports and Public Works of Cameroon and the African Bank of Development (2016-2017)
  • West Africa Road safety data collection and analysis (Mali, Benin and Senegal) Mission for ISTED (Institut des Sciences et des Techniques de l Equipement et de l Environnement pour le Développement) and the GRSP (Global Road Safety Partnership - 2008-2009).
  • Bibliography and accident scenarios on highways in the frame of fatal road accidents analysis Mission for CEESAR and the ASFA (French Motorway Companies).
  • Manager of the CEDRE project (Control and Study of child restraint system) supported by the MAIF Foundation, with the partnership of Hospital Centre of Evreux, the French Gendarmerie and the French Police, the LAB (Laboratory of Accidentology and Biomechanics) and the CEESAR.
  • Counter-measures and analysis evaluation of 80 side-impact accidents in the frame of the SISSI project (Study on Integrated Safety in Side Impact) - Mission for CEESAR and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturer's Association).

      CEESAR, 1993-1995
      Nanterre, FRANCE

    • Evaluation of road safety projects in the frame of the PREDIT3 program (Research and innovative Program for Road Transport) Mission for Technopolis Group.
    • Accident expert with over 2350 fatal accident investigations
    • Accident investigator with over 1000 in-depth on the spot accidents in combination with rescue teams, including police officers and firefighters (EDA INRETS / LAB).
    • Dynamic Reconstruction with over 200 accident reconstruction with PC-CRASH (DSD- Linz/Austria).
    • Accident research and engineering analysis for OEMs R&D and the Laboratory for Accident Research, Biomechanics (LAB PSA Peugeot-Citro n - Renault)

  • Publications
    • Protection of New-borns : Field survey - Ph. Lesire (LAB), V. Herv (CEESAR), C. Ledon - 6th international conference on child safetyu in cars, Munich d cember 2008
    • CEDRE Project: Reasons of misuses of child restraint systems (CRS) in France - C. Ledon, Ph. Lesire (LAB) - EVU Congress, Nice, november 2008
    • Analysis of initial speeds in in-Depth Accident Study (internal paper CEESAR 2003)
    • Shoulders and loss of control in curves (General publication of roads RGRA n 782 - 2000)
    • Analysis of roadway exits (SETRA/CETE 1997 - Congress SIA Normandy 1997)
    • Curve radius evaluation (internal paper CEESAR - 1997)
    • Pole bending energy absorption capability (internal paper CEESAR - 1996)
    • Following car accident study (adaptative cruise control)- CED5 PROMOTHEUS (internal paper CEESAR - 1994)
    • Accident study : roadway widths on small roads (internal paper CEESAR - 1993)
    • Safety study with respect to the lane keeping (internal paper CEESAR - 1993)

      Jan 2023 - nov 2023, Inter-University Degree Expertise in Accidentology and Traumatology (College Gustave Eiffel, Aix-Marseille, FRANCE)
      Nov 2006 - june 2006, University Degree Judicial Expertise (College of Rouen, Rouen, FRANCE)
      Sept 1990 - June 1992, Associate of Technical Assistant of Engineer (High School Paul-Emile Martin, Bourges, FRANCE)
      Sept 1987 - June 1990, High School Diploma in Mathematics and Nature Sciences (High School Emile Zola, Chateaudun, FRANCE)

    • 2022, EBDR Road Safety Engineering E-learning Training Course (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, )
    • European Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technicien & Analyst course EuDarts Group (Rotterdam 8-11 november 2021)
    • EDR/CDR One-day Introductory course AWG Akademie (AWG Akademie Kottenheim november 2021)
    • Attendee to the EVU Conferences - EVU European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (Dresden 2006, Nice 2008, Birmingham 2009, Graz 2011, Florenza 2013, Edinburgh 2015, Bratislava 2016, Haarlem 2017, Dubrovnik 2018, Barcelona 2019, Haifa 2021, Strasbourg 2022)
    • Accident reconstruction workshops with the software PC-CRASH (Linz 2001, 2006, 2012, 2014, 2015, Brussels 2021)
    • Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Methods by BRACH Engineering (Leicestershire, UK - 23-24 september 2009)
    Special skills
      CDR Bosch
      Tachograph reading

    Computer skills
      MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)

      French - Native
      English - Advanced
      German - Basic

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